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We believe that just because a child is born into poverty, it should not shape their future.


There is no such thing as free education in Uganda. All across the country, there are many children that come from families who simply cannot afford to pay their child’s school fees and expenses. Education is vital to break this endless cycle.

For just 20 pounds a month, you can sponsor a child with CEDA and invest in their future.


This sponsorship supports the cost of school resources, food and requirements in our boarding accommodation, extra-curricular activities and a set monthly amount into their savings account. We are seeking five sponsors per child to cover all these costs. 

However every child's story is different and several of our children do not have a safe place to return to during the holiday period. To combat this, we have created a Holiday Programme for these children. Our boarding accommodation will remain open throughout the holidays - and although there will be no formal schooling, the children will be carrying out lots of arts, crafts, games and activities. We are seeking seven sponsors per child to cover the costs of the children in our Holiday Programme.

Meet our children looking for sponsors below!

Registered Charity No.1172971 in England and Wales.

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