CPA will be an international primary school offering a values-based education. Our plans include a scholarship programme, granting one third of pupils with free tuition fees and boarding. This means that we will be offering quality, affordable education to Ugandans, but a percentage of children from the most vulnerable of situations will be able to break out of the cycle of poverty they are in by receiving their education at CPA too.

CPA would not only educate students, but teachers too. We hope to offer continuous teacher training and professional development not only to our own employees but to those from other schools, in order to raise the standards of education across Uganda.

This model would mean that once the school is built, teachers are trained to a high standard and the classes reach capacity - no more money would require to be injected by CEDA.  The school would be self-sustainable, allowing us to focus elsewhere and help as many more people have new starts as possible.

As soon as our plans are finalised, we will be sharing much more information with you - our incredible supporters. We are so excited to be starting this venture and look forward to it taking form in the future.

Here at CEDA, we believe in helping Ugandans to get a kick-start whilst ensuring all aid is sustainable. We are currently working on plans to build a one-of-a-kind school in Uganda; CEDA Primary Academy (CPA).

Registered Charity No.1172971 in England and Wales.

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