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Meet Dan

Dan is one special little boy. He is full of character and he is full of life. He is very clever and a quick learner. He is also very mischievous! Climbing things he shouldn't and taking things apart to see how they work are some of Dan's favourite things to do. Dan deserves the chance to grow up, get a job, have a family and live a long and happy life… but he needs YOUR help.

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Dan's Start to Life

Dan sadly lost his mum as a very young baby and quickly became malnourished. He was admitted to a children's home where he was taken care of.

It was here that our founder, Emilie, first met Dan in 2014. At that point, Dan still wasn't very well, but after numerous doctors appointments, we were told he was suffering from long-term effects of being extremely malnourished a baby. We were told to feed him a high protein diet and to use good quality cream on his skin. 

How YOU can help Dan

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So far, we have reached:

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What will you get in return?

When you become one of Dan’s superheroes, you will have access to a special community of Dan’s supporters. We have decided to share all content with all Superhero levels. Become a sponsor at the level you are financially comfortable with and you will get full access to all the content shared, including:

Photo and/or video updates each time Dan goes to hospital

Photos and videos of Dan’s school work, drawings and what he is up to on a regular basis

Live Q&A with Dan once a year so you can hear from the main man himself!

The chance to help a spectacular little boy live a long and happy life ✨

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  • How much of my donation goes directly towards Dan’s medical care?
    After any payment fees, all your donation goes into Dan's pot. The majority of this covers his medical costs: doctor's consultation, tests and medication. The rest covers: transport to hospital in Kampala, overnight stay in Kampala, food whilst in Kampala, special cream for Dan's skin, a nutritional food plan and a caregiver to look after Dan. If our target goal is reached, £100 of this per month will be going into a savings account should there be any future medical emergencies for Dan. Dan still has regular sponsorship over on the Child Sponsorship page which covers his living expenses and cost of education. All money raised through Dan's Superheroes is directly for his medical and health needs.
  • How long does my sponsorship last?
    Dan's medical costs will be lifelong. We hope one day, he'll grow up, graduate university and get a well paying job to cover his own costs. Until then, we will strive to make sure he gets the medical attention he needs. For this reason - your sponsorship can last as long as you are able and happy to support Dan: whether this be 1 year or 10 years - every donation will help Dan get the medical care he needs.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes. We understand circumstances change and you may not be able to continue supporting Dan. However, we would really appreciate it if you could send us an email to: __ letting us know beforehand, so we can plan accordingly.
  • How do I amend my monthly donation amount?
    (Write here about DonorBox)
  • Are payments secure?
    Write here about Stripe/PayPal
  • Can I write to Dan?
    Absolutely! Dan is so grateful for everyone who has contributed to his medical care. He loves hearing from you. You can send any correspondence to our PO Box in Uganda: __ We just ask that you please send us a quick email to _letting us know if you do so we can keep an eye out for it. Dan will be sure to reply, however we ask for your patience as this may take several months to reach you.
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