The Impact of Education

Education is so much more than learning to read, write and count. We believe in offering a holistic education to the children of Uganda; introducing new concepts, strategies and ways of thinking and living. All of which we believe needs to be taught with quality in mind. Too many people offer a basic education - how will people living in disadvantaged communities rise out of poverty if we don't offer them the same standards we expect ourselves? CEDA is working on plans to ensure Ugandan children receive an education of the same quality as our children at home.



Every project we plan, we plan to be income-generating or to have a project behind it to sustain it. We won't be around forever - nor do we want to be. Ugandans should be given the tools to provide for themselves, shown how to use them and then we should take a step back and watch them grow.

Seeds from the tree

When you have a seed and you nurture it, a tree will grow. At CEDA, we have the same approach to education. Our main purpose is to educate the individual child. A child's education does not only impact themselves, but it can help their whole family. We view education as the best investment we can make as education itself is sustainable. 

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